Since 2004, Grace Home Designs have offered a creative, stylish, and edgy approach to the world of home interior decorators. Among the most contemporary and colorful Wyoming residential designers, Jennifer Visosky (the residential designer and visionary behind Grace Designs) has made a name for herself in the Jackson Hole area. As the recipient of several awards and honors for home interior design, her eye for design has been sought after by all kinds of clients.

A home decorator, known for infusing Western traditions with modern art, Jennifer offers a perspective unique to other designers. Jennifer's home decorating style aims to fuse the concept of the traditional mountain home with an artistic flair. The end results in Jennifer being one of the few home interior designers who can successfully gel the beauty of nature with the beauty of art.

While her designs are beautiful and modern, they are far from stuffy. All too often, homes that are exquisitely decorated give off a vibe that can often feel stale and unlivable. With Grace Designs, this is not the case. Jennifer strives, above all, to make her clients feel comfortable in their own homes. She knows that no one wants to feel as if they live inside an Art museum. Her interior designs are completely livable and geared to make residents and their guest feel comfortable and welcome.

Jennifer stands out from most home decorators in that her education and experiences is not limited to art and design: it also involves real estate and real estate development. Her first hand knowledge of the housing market helps give her invaluable insight into the design trends with staying power. Grace Home Designs has garnered praise for the ability to remain current without being trendy.

Another trait that allows Jennifer to stand out among home interior decorators is her keen ability to design a home that is ever evolving. Home interior designers know that home design, just like fashion, is ever changing. A fickle industry, trends fade in and fade out. Jennifer aims to produce a design that will withstand the test of time.

Whether you are in the market to redo a home or an office, the home decorators at Grace Home Designs can offer a design that is vibrant but livable, colorful but comfortable. The residential designers have redone and reinvigorated both homes and offices around Jackson Hole and the surrounding area.

If you are in the market for Jackson Hole residential designers, please give Grace Home Designs a call today.